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Beltane Border


Ali in action at Rochester Sweeps Festival 2008. This photo courtesy of luciferscage

AJ, Maddie, Debs and Ant lighting the way during the partial eclipse of the moon of September 2006 - more on the Photos page

Beltane on St. Michael’s Mount Marazion Cornwall on our annual holiday in 2006

Beltane Border Support - Folk Against Facism

‘Maybe I should talk to you about fascism. It is a big word and it hides in some pretty little places. And it is nothing in the world but greed for profit and greed for the power to hurt and make slaves out of the people. Fascism and freedom are the only two sides battling.’ - Woody Guthrie

Beltane on St Michaels Mount, Marazion, Cornwall on our annual holiday 2010

Beltane have been hard at work all practice season and we're just embarking on our 2015 dance season. Check our our events page to find out where we'll be.

Our New CD Is Now Available !!!

Ladies, gentlemen and Morris dancers - we are pleased to announce that as of 30th July 2015, our 3rd CD, A-Conjuring Summer In, a musical journey through our dance season, is now available!

If you'd like a copy we'll have them with us when we're out and about, or you can purchase a copy from our sales page